Commercial Kitchen Equipment

commercial ice makerThe old saying about "measure twice, cut once", can apply to purchasing commercial kitchen equipment. Shopping wisely, without hasty decisions can save you a lot of aggravation and money. Shopping wisely, with a bit of researching, can avoid costly mistakes. When shopping for new commercial kitchen equipment including commercial refrigerators, ice machines, food preparation equipment or computers and software to keep track of it all, do the math first to see what features and new technology you can afford or get financed.

The new commercial kitchen equipment has many technical advancements and features to choose from.These features can save you time in the kitchen and make better use of resources like water, but they add cost to the equipment. Some of the features are expensive and may not be enough benefit to justify the cost. It is important to study each new piece of equipment and decide if the cost is justified and the features it offers are ones you really need. In addition, you need to make sure the cost of the machine is in your budget, or can be financed with payments you can afford. Looking at similar equipment from several different suppliers, comparing features and costs can lead to savings. Commercial kitchen equipment is made for harder use and longer life span, adding to the cost initially, but saving money in the long run.

It is worth visiting used commercial kitchen equipment sources to see if there is a bargain waiting for you. You can go directly to restaurants that are renovating or going out of business and get better prices, but at a risk. You can go through restaurant equipment liquidators or restaurant suppliers who specialize in good used equipment at a little higher prices but less risk. In shopping for used equipment, you want to be able to test it to make sure everything works as it should. The equipment should be clean and in good repair with owners manuals included. If you are purchasing directly from a restaurant ask them why they are replacing the piece of equipment and what they liked or did not like about it. Compare the price asked to that of a new piece of equipment to make sure it is really a bargain.

Before you go shopping and open your check book, or take out a credit card, you should be prepared. Make a list of what equipment you want, which pieces are most important and what you can afford. If you need financing, have that secured before you shop so that you have a final budget to stay within. Have a list of needed features for each piece of equipment so what you buy will meet your needs. It is good to do pricing research in advance so that you can have a price range that is reasonable for each piece of equipment you are shopping for, so you don't over pay. Have a list of the best rated commercial kitchen equipment brands to look for. Your list of needed equipment should be prioritized so the most important equipment is purchased first. If money runs out, the lesser items can be purchased as more money is available.

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